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Criminal Defense Services

At The Law Offices of Dorian C. Cotlar, P.C., we understand the stressors involved with criminal allegations. We will work with you from the very beginning of a criminal investigation up to and including trial if necessary. We believe in a team approach to our cases. When you retain our firm, you will have the benefit of decades of legal experience working for you.

Our firm handles all types of criminal cases ranging from Class C Misdemeanors up to First Degree Felonies. We are aggressive in the defense of our clients and take very seriously our obligation to zealously represent those individuals charged with criminal offenses. We know that not every case is one that should go to trial. In those instances, we will do our utmost to lessen our clients' exposure as much as possible or vigorously argue for a dismissal.

Our offices are located near Downtown Houston and provide a comfortable location to meet with clients. We are not the cheapest law office in town, but our clients are quoted fees that are very reasonable given our level of experience.

Sexual Assault Allegations

Dorian C. Cotlar has handled scores of sexaul assault cases both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. These types of allegations are especially difficult on the accused and his family.

Our firm recognizes that false allegations of sexual assault are all too common. We will mount a vigorous defense to these types of allegations.

Alternatively, for cases in which it is appropriate to plea bargain, we will be there every step of the way. We can assist with psychological counselling during the pendancy of the case as well as helping the client prepare for any eventuality. Whatever the outcome of a client's case, he or she will be treated with dignity and respect.